Frequently Asked Questions

Read below for our frequently asked questions.
  • Q. How does the box work?

    When your child gets their box you will find a range of things. Stick the wall calendar up in their room or somewhere they will see daily. When a task is completed- put a star on! Work your way through the revision book. Each week your teachers will be going through parts of the book- look at the online tutoring section to see what will be taking place.
  • Q. How long per week should they spend on this?

    This is entirely up to you and your child. We go through sections of your child's workbook each week (if you have picked online tutoring) and we suggest that each week 90 minutes has been completed on the book.
  • Q. The reasoning seems quite hard, is this important?

    It is very common for children to struggle on reasoning questions AT FIRST! This is because the concept is very different. It requires a deeper understanding and mathematical vocabulary. Your child should not feel discouraged as the more they answer these questions, the easier it gets.
  • Q. How does the tuition work?

    Each week we hold two tutoring sessions. You will be sent your log in details to access sessions. Each child is allocated one 45 minute session a week. We give an option of two times to cater for times you may be busy.
  • Q. Can I cancel?

    We hope you and your child love our tuition service but if it is not for you, you can cancel at any time. Please note, once cancelled, your child's place will be gone for the year as we cannot add children back. This ensures all children have continuity in their learning.

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